Inspirit Physical Therapy Testimonials


Deteriorating Spine

I was referred to Inspirit by the Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin after my initial spine fusion surgery, in the summer of2004.  My first impressions were very positive, despite some concerns about the size of the organization.  What I found was a very talented staff with a unique attitude toward care giving. I have had a long history of physical therapy involving a multitude of providers for my deteriorating spine conditions since 2001, and Inspirit went above and beyond what all other providers, (and there were many!) offered in the way of hospitality and reaching out to know me as an individual and develop much more than just a typical supplier/customer relationship.  I have always felt very comfortably at home when visiting Inspirit for my therapy sessions.  Cheryl Hanson provided the majority of my physical therapy which I felt was very thorough and successful as I attained my goals for the therapy. Cheryl was not hesitant to refer me to Eliza when a special therapy need was identified for which she felt Eliza was more qualified to address.  I know that the therapists at Inspirit are always investing in their own professional development in order to always be in a position to offer the most advanced thinking in therapy for the conditions they are treating.  I would offer an unqualified and very high recommendation for Inspirit to anyone needing or desiring the services they offer and provide.

Bob Vande Walle 3/10/2010


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Dear Eliza,

Thank you so very much for the exercises you gave me to manage my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  The exercises have helped me tremendously.  I look forward to telling as many people about your business in the upcoming years. 

Your questions gave me a better understanding of how you handle patients.  You are interested not only in helping my condition improve but improving my overall quality of life.  It takes a very talented therapist not only to listen but to employ their skills once they have discovered the underlying issues.  Thanks again I can't wait till my next visit.


Jeff N.

Appleton, WI

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