Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 1:20PM
Eliza Andrews

I will tell you that Eliza was the most amazing women I ever met.  She had a caring, lovingspirit and actually listened to me.  What I admired most is that she was so in tuned to the human body…mine.  She was a well studied and educated women who didn’t use her education to make me feel less of a person.  I‘ve read lots of books on natural things and we were able to discuss some of them.  Plus, their office has some great books that you can check out and read.  She had shared  about a women she had studied under or read a lot about.  I can’t remember the whole story but to me it seemed like Eliza went above and beyond what most medical field persons do.  She learned from the best to be the best.  I had been to other doctors to help with my situation and she was the only one to get to the root cause and correct it.  Thank you Eliza!

-Rene Siebenlist

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