Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 1:23PM
Eliza Andrews

Eliza Andrews and here "Inspirit Therapy" organization has made a significant difference in my life.  About 4-5 years ago, Sue, who was Dr. DeGoot's NP referred me to Eliza for treatment for Chronic Prostitius.  This very discomforting issue had been on going since 1995.  Despite numerous doctors, medications, and prostrate enlargement surgery, I could not get any sustained relief from this chronic condition. 

Eliza began, what she called, "Pelvic Floor Therapy."  For the first time since 1995 I began to get meaningful relief.  We finally reached a point, where the burning sensation was pretty much relieved.  Last year, after a bad catheter insertion, the old chronic condition reared its ugly head.  After a few treatment, Eliza was able to bring things under control again.  It was during this series of treatments that Eliza noticed I was pretty uptight from the health and family issues, saying I was an "Emotional Train Wreck."  Eliza recommended that I see Julie Rider, who had just began her Wellness Trainer practice at Inspirit.  Let me tell you, that after a number of month of weekly, then biweekly, monthly sessions, I felt emotionally and mentally better than I could remember. 

There is one other person at Insprit  who has been a wonderful addition to my well being.  Erika Vogels has  been giving me full body massages for a couple of years now.  Erika is  truly dedicated to her profession.  She genuinely loves doing massages, and we, the patient feel that love and passion in her manipulated the tense musles in my body. 

All the folks at Inspirit are a reflection of Eliza, Erika, and Julie's deep concern for their patients.  It is without reservation that I highly recommend these wonderful, caring folks at Inspirit to people that I care about.

- Graciously

Patrick Costello

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