With nearly 20 years as a PT and over26 in the rehab field, Eliza brings a background that includes acute care, long term care, athletic training, home health and outpatient to her clinical expertise.  Since 1998, Eliza has been focusing her career on two areas of outpatient physical therapy: Gender specific diagnoses and chronic pain diagnoses.

In 2009, Eliza earned her Women’s health Clinical Specialist designation.  As the first WCS in Wisconsin and one of only 157 nation-wide, Eliza has demonstrated her advanced skills related to women’s specific health needs and earned honors in her field.  In 2005 Eliza was named 2nd runner up in Advance for Physical therapy’s Physical therapist of the Year Awards. 


Probably the most undertreated conditions are related to pelvic pain and incontinence—and that's true for both men and women. Women may have pain after injury, surgery, or childbirth and men may also have issues after surgery, chemotherapy or injury. People with gender specific health issues also need very special attention and treatment in order to regain their quality of life.


Eliza will take the time to understand your whole situation—not just what is happening physically, but how it affects you in your relationships, your work, and your personal activities. Eliza  will tell you about your therapy—how your road to recovery will go. What to expect and how long it may take to complete your rehab. She encourage questions because she think understanding your problem helps you heal faster.


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