What is Biofeedback?
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 5:59AM
Eliza Andrews

Looking in the mirror, taking your temperature, monitoring your blood pressure at a local blood pressure clinic. These are all forms of biofeedback. Biofeedback is an easy way to begin the journey of improving your body.

Dealing with life's challenges can create problems in our bodies that we are often too busy to notice. By the time we do recognize that our body can take no more stress, these problems become big issues such as chronic pain, headaches, sleep disturbance, an uneasy stomach, incontinence, or fatigue. When chronic pain and fatigue interfere with your ability to complete your daily activities, it is time to take control of your body and lifestyle. At Inspirit Therapy Associates, we can help you accomplish this by teaching you to recognize the problem and its causes and the ways you can help yourself manage them.

Biofeedback is simply an instant picture of what your body is doing. This feedback can be used to help you learn how to control your muscle tension, improve your breathing, decrease stress, and improve posture. Patients with chronic pain can learn how to relax their muscles and improve breathing patterns. Patients with incontinence can learn to control urges and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Those with TMJ can learn how the muscles in the jaw impact headache occurence. All of this input will assist you in making positive changes in your lifestyle.

At Inspirit Therapy Associates, qualified professionals will educate you in managing your lifestyle through biofeedback, as well as strategies and exercises to enhance your knowledge of your body.

You can take control of your life. Let us help you.


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