Abdominal Pain

What is Abdominal Pain?

Pain in the abdomen can originate from the tissue and muscles that surround the abdominal cavity or it can come from the organs within the cavity itself. Ordinarily the source of the pain is harmless but more serious causes may require immediate medical assistance.

What kind of symptoms may I feel?

  • Feelings of gas or bloating.
  • Severe pain in waves that starts and stops suddenly.
  • Steady pain lasting from 30 minutes up to several hours.
  • Pain can be focused in a small area or felt broadly across your abdomen.
  • Sharp, stabbing pain or dull and aching.

How Can Inspirit Help Me?

Treatment or your abdominal pain will be tailored specifically for you based on your medical history and physical condition. A number of treatments will be considered including joint mobilizations, maximizing blood flow, therapeutic exercise, and muscle reeducation.


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