Welcome to Inspirit Therapy Associates

At Inspirit Therapy Associates, we believe that life is movement and movement is life. And you don’t have to live with pain and dysfunction as long as we are here with the experience, resources, and hands-on-expertise to help you feel better physically and to feel better for life.  At inspirit Therapy Associates, we have the advanced training and unique capabilities to get you out of pain and back to your activities sooner. You’ll discover that we always deliver personalized, hands-on physical and occupational therapy aimed at giving you a faster more efficient recovery.

With each therapist having experience of 20 years or more, Inspirit Therapy Associates therapists have developed an approach to pain management that is unlike any other.

We offer a Different Perspective

Our therapists’ focus is global, taking into account the patient as a whole, not just the diagnosis. All aspects of health are addressed in order to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive treatment possible to our clients. The list of different types of pain diagnoses we treat is long, and we pride ourselves on effective management of the most complicated cases.

Part of that effective management is that our Inspirit Therapy Associates therapists believe passionately in the importance of incorporating therapy in to the non-pharmaceutical management that is why we focus on providing as many non-pharmaceutical options to our patients as possible. Medication is not the only option.  


Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Managment Modalities

At Inspirit Therapy Associates, we focus on providing as many non-pharmaceutical options to our patients as possible.

We Can Treat Your Pain